Install a Connection Server Replica - VMware View: Chapter 16

Install a Connection Server Replica - VMware View

At the moment we only have one Connection Server, and if it went down or became unavailable, we would be in a heap of trouble. The solution to this single point of failure is to install a second Connection Server, referred to by VMware as a Replica. More than one Connection Server is referred to as a View Connection Server Group. It is a very easy task to carry out.

It’s important to understand the limits of what a replica server can deliver. Replica servers are intended to offer availability, not fault tolerance. Once a user is actively connected to a Connection Server, if it becomes unavailable the sessions it is holding do not magically get moved to the replica. Additionally, there is no automatic load balancing built-in to the Connection Server software. You may need to rely on other third-party technologies to distribute the user load evenly between the Connection Servers.

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