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Keep your VMware Horizon View 5.2 environment fit with these tips

The management and maintenance of Horizon View linked clones and persistent disks isn't intuitive. Check out this chapter excerpt for advice.

Whether you're just venturing into the world of VMware virtual desktops or looking for new virtual desktop infrastructure maintenance methods, you'll need a thorough understanding of VMware Horizon View 5.2.

Jason Ventresco's book Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2 offers VMware administrators tips and advice for every stage of virtual desktop deployment and management. Ventresco gives an overview of the basics -- Horizon View components, structure and installation -- and also digs in deep with specific technological implications and capabilities and less-obvious benefits of using VDI.

Chapter 10, titled "Performing View Desktop Maintenance," is available to download and read here (PDF). In this chapter, Ventresco details the different linked-clone maintenance operations and shows you how to manage the optional linked-clone persistent disks.

Highlights from Chapter 10:

A desktop recompose is used to replace the existing linked-clone replica disk, usually in response to a configuration change, software installation, or software update. A desktop recompose is the preferred method of updating the linked-clone desktop as the changes only affect the replica disk. Were the same updates or changes to be applied directly to the linked-clone desktops themselves, each of the linked-clone OS disks would increase in size by the amount needed to process the change.


A desktop rebalance is used to rebalance linked-clone desktop storage across existing datastores, including any new datastores that were added to the desktop pool configuration. As mentioned previously, a rebalance operation will also refresh the desktop as part of the process, so a rebalance cannot be used as a way of balancing the linked-clone OS disks.

Editor's note: Implementing Horizon View 5.2 by Jason Ventresco is available from Packt Publishing Ltd.

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