Publish a Floating Virtual Desktop Pool - VMware View: Chapter 8

Publish a Floating Virtual Desktop Pool

Automated Floating Virtual Desktop Pools are set up in a very similar way to Automated Dedicated pools. They differ in one crucial respect – the user is merely allocated a virtual desktop when they log on, and when they log off we can optionally configure view to delete their old virtual desktop and create a new desktop. This has the net effect of giving the user a clean environment every time they login. This can be helpful in kiosk-style environments like a school or college, which are somewhat notorious for being meddled with by teenagers who think downloading screen grabs of Pamela Anderson and leaving them as desktop backgrounds is very funny! Of course, one way to defeat these miscreants is by locking down the desktop with policies to the degree that they can do next to nil to tamper with their environment. Due to its volatile nature, it is imperative that users of non-persistent virtual desktops are not able to save files on the desktop or on the C: drive. If they do, when they log off the data will be lost forever.

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