Publish an Individual Virtual Desktop - VMware View: Chapter 6

Publish an Individual Virtual Desktop

With all the VMware View software installed, we are now in a position to publish our first desktop. I like to do this as soon as possible, so I can ensure that the View Client can connect to the Connection Server, and in turn connect to the Virtual Desktop running the View Agent. Once I’m satisfied that the virtual desktop works, I think about making a template out of it and create a larger pool of virtual desktops. After all, there’s little point in creating a pool of 100 virtual desktops if the source of that pool is broken or doesn’t work properly. In View 3 it was possible to publish what were called Individual Desktops. These allowed one virtual desktop to be used per user, and ensured that only that user had rights to a particular virtual desktop. This feature is now deprecated, however it is still very easy to create a manual pool that contains only one virtual desktop and assign it to one user – which is essentially the same thing. It is also possible to assign an individual virtual desktop to more than one person. On the surface this might seem an oxymoron. But, if you’re looking for a usage case, I often see one PC being used by different people at different times in factories and production environments. Remember though, that unlike Microsoft Terminal Server or Citrix XenApp Server, only one person at a time can connect to a Windows XP/Vista/7 client desktop. In other words, these clients do not support the concept of “multi-win”.

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