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The top 10 VMware tutorials and tips of 2014

Which tips, tutorials and opinion pieces on VMware caught the eye of many of our visitors? Our top 10 list for 2014 makes it easy to consume them all in one place.

As 2014 winds down, it's time to look back and see what got the most attention from the hundreds of tips and features published on SearchVMware this year. The result of this top 10 list shows almost as much variety as the products VMware puts out.

It's no surprise that most visitors came looking for more information about the features coming in vSphere 6 and what the future holds for the next iteration of the vSphere Web Client. There was also a lot of heat generated from the NSX network virtualization product, and many visitors were interested in our feature that detailed its security functionality. Without further ado, here are the top articles from 2014.

  1. Virtual switch tweak optimizes ESXi networking
    To keep the network from being hamstrung by potential issues either from faulty hardware or bottlenecks, an administrator can keep the data center afloat by adding a new virtual switch to steer traffic away from roadblocks.
  1. Why VMware's vExpert program is worth applying for
    As anyone who's ever been to VMworld or a local VMUG event knows, the role of community plays a significant role in the technical development and career advancement for many VMware users. With the vExpert program, the company recognizes individuals who may not have the most technical of chops but have evangelized VMware products to the masses in a significant way.
  1. Mind the NUMA node when adding large VMs
    Administering a vSphere environment also means knowing the hardware running the VMs and how that can influence performance. This tip explains the non-uniform memory architecture (NUMA) in the x86 architecture and how to make the necessary adjustments to obtain top speeds.
  1. The top five free tools for managing VMware vSphere
    Not all vSphere infrastructures are the same, so you may not need a robust -- and pricey -- software suite to run your data center. This list of free tools can help with the day-to-day duties that could come in handy for many administrators.
  1. Is the Microsoft-VMware marriage on the rocks?
    Contributor Al Cooke gave his thoughts about the growth of virtual appliances and other signs that VMware is migrating from developing and supporting applications based on Windows.
  1. How secure is VMware NSX?
    The recent update to the network virtualization NSX product brought the term micro-segmentation to the VMware lexicon. This tip explains how NSX restricts data from moving laterally -- even when the perimeter has been breached by an intruder.
  1. What VMware needs to do to convert the vSphere Web Client haters
    Many VMware users are having trouble letting go of the Windows-based vSphere client, but it's clear a Web-based management tool is where the future of vSphere lies. One of the biggest complaints about the Web client is that the speed is slow in comparison to the desktop client. Contributor Trevor Pott shares his thoughts on what VMware should do to make the transition slightly less painful.
  1. How to clear a clogged core dump in VMware ESXi
    If a core dump file cannot be deleted because it has been locked, an administrator needs to do a little detective work and some shell commands to clear the file from the server.
  1. How to stop worrying and learn to love the new vSphere Web Client
    The vSphere Web client made its debut in the 5.1 version of vSphere, but the response has been underwhelming at best. In vSphere 5.5, VMware made it clear that the desktop client may not have much time left by making certain key features only accessible in the Web client. This tip says maybe the future of this management tool isn't so grim.
  1. VMware changing vCenter architecture in vSphere 6
    VMware plans to revamp several significant areas and implement a few new wrinkles in the next version of vSphere. From a new authentication engine to a new method to keep vCenter running, vSphere 6 may spur administrators to consider an upgrade sooner than they might have anticipated.

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