VMware ESX Server runbook overview

Though getting VMware ESX Server in the budget is no small feat, the real work for virtualization administrators begins when it's time to manage, configure and monitor your virtual infrastructure network, storage and performance -- This VMware ESX Server runbook will help.

CHAPTER 1: Networking configurations and considerations
CHAPTER 2: ESX Server management
CHAPTER 3: Managing storage in an ESX Server environment
CHAPTER 4: Scripts for streamlining VMware ESX

As VMware continues its effort to evolve ESX, the platform's feature set expands. In addition to the features and functionalities discussed in this guide, there are a number of lesser known ESX features in 3.5 that users should become familiar with.

The enterprise virtualization bar has been set at VMware ESX Server leaving data center managers the task of getting up to speed on this technology. We've put together this VMware ESX Server runbook to help ease your learning curve. In it we cover networking, systems management and storage. Also included is a handy ESX toolbox with links to scripts for configuring your virtual environment.

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