VMware User Experience - VMware View: Chapter 15

VMware User Experience

It will not have escaped your attention that the current version of View 4.5 lacks the “Virtual Profiles” feature that VMware acquired from RTO Soft. Virtual Profiles was in the Beta2 version of View 4.5, but was removed in the Release Candidate, and as a feature did not make the GA release. I imagine that some later this year or next, VMware will release an “Update 2” to View 4.5 which will add the feature back in. At that stage this chapter will be where I will cover the technology.

Global Settings

There are many locations where you can make changes to the way that VMware

View functions. This chapter covers these settings.

Global, Pool and User Policies

Setting these global settings to one side for the moment, let’s turn to VMware “Policy” settings. The use of speech marks is deliberate, as I think it’s important not to see VMware Policies in the same light as, say, Microsoft GPOs. There’s no VMware policy object that is attached to an OU, rather there is a global location where we can set our preferences. We can over-ride these settings by using policies that are created for each desktop pool you create; these in turn can be over-ridden by user policies. If set, User policies over-ride all settings specified globally or on pool policies.

As you might expect, the settings themselves are the same, all that changes is the scope of those changes – Global, Pool and User. These currently cover three main areas:

  • View Policies (General Settings)
  • Local Mode (Controls Local Mode - aka Offline Desktop - settings)
  • Persona Management Policies
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