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VMware customers express frustration, confusion

VMware continues to evolve as a company but there are still users who are frustrated and confused about their products.

VMware customers are always on the lookout for new products and upgrades and the company continues to try to find ways to innovate and spread its tentacles into different areas of the data center. Between its cloud vision and its recent venture into containers with Photon Platform and vSphere Integrated Containers, the software giant's effort to expand its market is evident.

However, there were some cries for help on social media over the last couple of months. Ranging from those looking for help to those frustrated with download issues, VMware customers let their voices be heard. While the company continues its focus on updates to fix certain issues and alleviate the frustration that users experience, there are still those looking for help.

VMware customers expressed their frustration over vCloud Connector and other downloading issues. One user also complained about how Linux desktop users don't get all of the same features as other VMware customers. One user even boasted how a VMware Certified Professional, one of the company's certifications that users can earn, had come to them for help. Even though they held the certification, they still sought help from someone with their environment.

Over the past month, those VMware customers took to Twitter to vent their feelings and frustrations and in hope of finding help.

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How has your recent experience as a VMware customer been?
I contract VMware skills, among others, to the education and research sector. I've found the initial vSphere 6 deployment poor in areas, but VMware support have been very useful provided time is spent to work with them. At times I would say that I've asked about known issues, and the particular VMware engineer has known nothing about it until providing them with the link to their own site. I would also say that their website has become unavailable at certain key moments, which seems like something their product is designed to defend against. And they have had some irritating bugs in their newest product, in addition to a number of out of the box tweaks required to manage sprawling environments while keeping the UI responsive, but the product is maturing rapidly, and remains a far better alternative to many cloud solutions if guest density, granular as well as automated management and high utilization of hardware are among your motivations.

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