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VMware reviews: vCloud garners praise while single sign-on hears boos

Current users give the best advice when you're choosing a new virtualization tool. Check out these good and bad VMware reviews from Twitter.

Online reviews are a valuable asset for sys admins choosing new software tools for their infrastructures. With an active online community, VMware users can rely on Twitter, forums and blogs for honest, unbiased VMware reviews. In the following tweets, find out what your colleagues love and hate about vCloud, vSphere 5.1's single sign-on (SSO) feature, the beta Hands-on Labs Online and more.

"@domi235: #vmware #vCloud is awesome. Just built an #Exchange demo environment that can be deployed by colleagues as easy as ordering a book online."

VMware's parent company EMC focused heavily on VMware vCloud Suite in its 2012 EMC Forum presentations. By enabling enterprise IT departments to offer Infrastructure as a Service catalogs and spin up virtual data centers that share hardware, vCloud both competes and aligns with public cloud services. Users manage vCloud Suite through vCloud Director, into which VMware is integrating features such as Orchestrator, the former vShield (now vCloud Networking and Security) and Automation Center.

"@Grrmmll: #VMware SSO, one of the worst thing [sic] invented. Ruining authentication with AD universal groups with others domains accounts in them..."

Single sign-on came out with great acclaim from VMware admins in vSphere 5.1, but early adopters are sending VMware poor reviews on SSO. Designed to give VMware admins one authentication point for various VMware products, SSO has proven error-prone and complicated out of the gate. While some admins want to avoid SSO completely, the ID authentication strategy is a focal point for VMware and is integral to vSphere 5.1.

"@ChrisLStark: First VMware HOL done on vSphere 5.1 vDS new features #impressed"

VMware's online Hands-on Labs (HOL) opened public beta late in 2012, allowing admins to check out new VMware products from the comfort of their workstation. Early users were excited by the development, despite the bugs and confusion that often accompany a beta product phase. Some early problems with the online version of HOL range from delays in obtaining sign-in credentials to "out of capacity" error messages on labs. If you're interested in participating in HOL's public beta, keep up to date on the project through VMware's blog and Twitter feed (@VMwareHOL).

"@ranafaisal342: VMware Orchestrator is good to automate the manual tasks. Interactive graphic interface and easy to use scripting :), Cool"

VMware Orchestrator, part of the vCenter tool set, automates tasks in vCloud Suite and vSphere. Use the predefined workflows that VMware includes with Orchestrator, or implement custom scripts from basic to highly advanced.

"@jan_jezek: #vSphere Client doesn't run the Console under #Windows 8? No workaround except #VMware Workstation? Maybe it's time to try out #Hyper-V 3.0"

Microsoft has been improving its free Hyper-V hypervisor to the point where, with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, virtualization admins are seriously considering it as an alternative to VMware ESXi. VMware users and admins new to virtualization say that comparing VMware and Hyper-V hypervisor choices will be a top trend in 2013.

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