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VMware shuffles deck with vCloud Air, vRealize changes

VMware announced several new products and also realigned existing offerings with new names to shake things up at VMworld 2014.

As VMware has acquired companies and developed other virtualization technologies to expand its portfolio, this natural progression has resulted in some growing pains, namely in the realignment and rebranding of products.

At VMworld 2014, VMware announced new products and new names for some existing products. Here's a breakdown of the recent changes along with a handy chart.

vCloud Air

To start, VMware renamed its vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), which is just over a year old, to vCloud Air. VMware has added more services to this product beyond its IaaS capabilities, such as disaster recovery as a service, desktops as a service and database as a service.

VMware noted the "Air" designation will be used to help differentiate its on-premises products from existing -- and upcoming -- products that will be delivered via vCloud Air as a SaaS offering.

vRealize Suite

VMware continues to enhance and expand vCloud Suite for vSphere environments running workloads in a private cloud. For companies looking for assistance to manage the hybrid cloud, VMware announced the vRealize Suite.

The vRealize Suite comes in advanced and enterprise editions; the advanced version has some added automation and operations abilities, such as automated application provisioning and added application monitoring capabilities.

The vRealize Suite comes with vCloud Automation Center (advanced or enterprise), vCenter Operations Management Suite (advanced or enterprise), vCenter Log Insight and the standard edition of IT Business Management Suite.

VMware will change vCloud Automation Center to vRealize Automation, vCenter Operations Management Suite to vRealize Operations, vCenter Log Insight to vRealize Log Insight, and IT Business Management Suite to vRealize Business.

vRealize Operations Insight

VMware also rolled out a new offering called vRealize Operations Insight that packages the advanced version of vCenter Operations Management Suite with vCenter Log Insight.

This product marries the analytics functionality of vCenter Log Insight ( vRealize Log Insight) with the monitoring and management functionality of vCenter Operations Management Suite or vRealize Operations.

vRealize Air

For companies that want to run a SaaS version of the vRealize Suite, VMware will deliver these via its vCloud Air platform.

These SaaS products will have "Air" to go with their revised names and will be known as vRealize Air Automation, vRealize Air Operations and vRealize Air Business.

Further clarifications

VMware said vCloud Automation Center, the vCenter Operations Management Suite and vCenter Log Insight will continue to be available as standalone products. Interested parties will also be able to get vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Operations Management Suite by purchasing the vCloud Suite.

Timeline for rebranding?

At publication date, VMware hadn't yet given a public timeframe for the name changes, but has said they will happen before the end of 2014.

The VMware name change cheat sheet

Current name

New name

SaaS product (if available)

vCloud Hybrid Service

vCloud Air


vCenter Operations Management Suite

vRealize Operations

vRealize Air Operations

vCloud Automation Center

vRealize Automation

vRealize Air Automation

IT Business Management Suite

vRealize Business

vRealize Air Business

vCenter Log Insight

vRealize Log Insight


vCenter Orchestrator

vRealize Orchestrator


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