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Virtualization Viewpoints covers today's VMware products and trends

Eric Siebert's Viewpoints column talks about all aspects of VMware, from product updates to how the company stands in the field to critiques where necessary.

Because VMware controls more than 70% of the server virtualization market share, VMware products and services not only affect users but also shape the entire virtualization industry. As VMware expands into the cloud computing market with and its vSphere platform, ripe for becoming the internal cloud platform of choice, its initiatives could greatly influence how companies do business and interact with customers.

In Virtualization Viewpoints, a recurring column on, expert Eric Siebert discusses VMware products and services in addition to virtualization news and trends. The topics covered in these articles range from detailed technology walkthroughs to criticisms of VMware policies.


With more than 25 years of experience in programming, networking, telecom and systems administration, Siebert attained the guru status as a VMware Technology Network (VMTN) forum moderator. He also maintains, a site dedicated to VMware technologies.


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