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What they're saying about the VMware-AirWatch acquisition

VMware's acquisition of mobile device management vendor AirWatch set the Twitterverse abuzz with comments on its market effects and high price tag.

VMware's AirWatch acquisition set the tech industry abuzz, thanks to its potential effects on the market and its 10-figure price tag.

VMware began its slow march into enterprise mobility management (EMM) in 2008, but the AirWatch acquisition finally cements the company's commitment to the market. As the news broke early in the morning of Jan. 22, pundits took to Twitter to weigh in on its ramifications for VMware, mobile device management (MDM) and the EMM market overall:

Others focused on the financial details of VMware's AirWatch acquisition. The deal will cost VMware $1.175 billion in cash, plus another $365 million in installments.

The VMware-AirWatch acquisition is the latest in a long line of deals involving traditional IT vendors and EMM providers. Notably, VMware's virtualization rival Citrix previously acquired Zenprise and used the technology to create its XenMobile product. Here's what some observers had to say about that rivalry and competition with other EMM vendors:

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How do you feel about the AirWatch acquisition by VMware?
And its way overpriced. Track record of doing something meaningful for IT with its EUC acquisitions is weak at best, see Wanova. Also, if the obligation to have a virt angle on the endpoint tags along, things'll get real confusing, real fast. OK if it remains all about remoted state/context with local execution. That'll be great to have, provided the DNA around VMs doesn't overwhelm things.
Many of VMWare's customers do not yet have MDM, or have an expensive, inflexible MDM - these customers may well find it appealing to buy an MDM from VMWare, as a trusted brand.
Also, with the combination of Mobile and Cloud being the future of IT, this acquisition allows VMWare to develop a strong presence in both arenas.
EmmUhh, I agree that VMware would be smart to leave virtualization out of its EMM play as much as possible. There are much better, user-friendlier ways to manage applications on mobile devices than by streaming Windows desktops and apps. VMware had some of that already with Horizon, and AirWatch brings a lot more to the table.
I don't see short term benefits, but the long term implications of this merger can be amazing! One can foresee further development and sophistication in the containerized offering of AirWatch.