VMware View 4.5 Guide by Mike Laverick

This is a 188 page guide to VMware View 4.5. Step by step guide with screenshots included. Created by Mike Laverick, a former VMware instructor with 17 years of experience in virtualization.

VMware View 4.5 Guide

Welcome to SearchVMware.com's FREE Administering VMware View 4.5 Guide

Created by esteemed virtualization guru, Mike Laverick, this step-by-step guide (188 pages) walks through administering VMware View 4.5 over 21 chapters. An overview of the topics covered:

  1. Introduction to Virtual Desktops
  2. Install a Connection Server
  3. Post-Configuration of Connection Server
  4. Install Agent into Virtual Desktop
  5. Install the Local Mode View Client
  6. Publish an Individual Virtual Desktop
  7. Publish a Dedicated Virtual Desktop Pool
  8. Publish a Floating Virtual Desktop Pool
  9. VMware Composer and Linked Clones
  10. Refresh, Recompose and Rebalance
  11. Enabling Local Mode
  12. Enabling Kiosk Mode (TBC)
  13. Publishing Terminal Servers/Remote Desktop Services
  14. Microsoft Group Policies
  15. VMware View User Experience
  16. Install a Connection Server Replica
  17. Install a Security Server
  18. Load-Balance Security Servers
  19. Create and Apply Certificates
  20. Virtual Application with VMware ThinApp
  21. Managing VMware View with PowerCLI
This was last published in October 2012

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