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The Virtual Onion: Holland leads world in vExperts, VMware hopes to virtualize PS3

This month: Holland leads in vExperts per capita, VMware virtualizes PS3, Citrix CTO and share fashion tips, and more.

virtual onion

Geography: Holland leads the world in vExperts per capita
The World Trade Organization released its 2009 worldwide jobs report, revealing that the Netherlands is home to a staggering 5,000 vExperts, or one sixth of its population. There are more vExperts in Holland than tulip farmers, but fewer than hashish brownie bakers. To be designated a vExpert, one must obtain a VCP or VCDX certification from VMware, and follow @esloof and @DuncanYB on Twitter.

Dude, how cool would it be to be able to virtualize the PS3?
Kapish Gupta
QA EngineerVMware, Inc.

Area VMware staffer hopes to virtualize the Wii on PS3
Kapish Gupta, a mid-level VMware quality assurance engineer, really hopes he will be assigned QA test the company's upcoming Fusion for PS3 product.

"Dude, how cool would it be to be able to virtualize the PS3?" Gupta was overheard telling co-workers. "My girlfriend has been dropping hints that she wants a Wii Fit Yoga Mat for Christmas, but it kills me to buy yet another piece of hardware that I have to rack and stack in my entertainment center. Between the PS3, the Xbox, and the GameCube I play all my old Zelda games on, it looks like freakin' Lakshmi back there. And don't even get me started about the power and cooling bill for my apartment last month! And now that I think about it, you know what would be really sweet? If I could VMotion Call of Duty from my living room down to the basement when her mother comes over."

Citrix CTO Simon Crosby and's Alessandro Perilli share awkward moment
Awkwardness ensued at Alessandro Perilli's latest Virtualization Congress, when the stylish Italian virtualization blogger appeared onstage wearing the same exact candy-stripe shirt and slim-lapelled suit as Simon Crosby, Citrix's chief technical officer. The sight of the two together wearing matching outfits fueled speculation that Citrix (a Platinum sponsor of the show) had acquired the Italian virtualization news site, a rumor both parties vigorously deny.

Microsoft Word 2010 features anti-VMware easter egg
Users of the newly released Microsoft Word 2010 will find a surprise the first time they type the word 'VMware' in a document. In a juvenile dig at the market-leading virtualization platform, early beta testers of the word processing software reported that Word's AutoCorrect feature has been set to change 'VMware' to 'BMware.' Company executives denied any previous knowledge of the so-called "easter egg," and that the perpetrator would be caught and served with appropriate punitive action. In other Microsoft news, Jeff Woolsey, Microsoft virtualization senior program manager, announced he is taking an extended leave of absence from the company to spend more time with his family.

Former VMware CEO considered dropping the last 'e' in Greene
A new unauthorized biography of VMware co-founder Diane Greene revealed that the former CEO took steps to drop the final 'e' from her last name, in order to underscore the positive role the software company was playing to help the environment. Greene abandoned her name-trimming pursuits after she was unceremoniously fired by the EMC-led board of directors. The book also reports that Greene has been spotted numerous times on VMware's campus, hiding amidst the native California grasses that Greene had planted on the grounds.

From the copy desk: You can't have it both ways, VMware!
I know I'm just a lowly old copy editor working behind the scenes here at, but I have a bone to pick with you, VMware. For the love of Mendel, could you please just decide once and for all: Is it little 'v' followed by a capital letter, as in vCenter? Or is it big 'V" followed by another capital, i.e., VMotion? And please, don't even think about further complicating matters with a new product like Vfoo!

I know, I know, far be it from me to question the wisdom of a company that had the genius and wherewithal to virtualize the x86 chipset, but honestly, how hard could it be to come to a decision on this? I understand, there's been a changing of the guard in your hallowed Palo Alto halls, that there are 'Paul people' and 'Diane people,' etc., and that people are trying to leave their mark. But speaking on behalf of countless copy editors at trade and business publications the world over (not to mention thousands upon thousands of conscientious bloggers): Make up your mind already, VMware!

Movie Review: My Own Private Cloudaho
Every year, one movie seems to come out of nowhere and captures all sorts of awards attention as December dwindles down. This year's last-minute masterpiece is 'My Own Private Cloudaho', a new work by indie film-maker Christopher Hoff. The story follows two co-workers, Mike (Schley Andrew Kutz), and Scott (Chris Wolf), as they follow a shared dream of dynamic, scalable in-house infrastructure that takes them from early jobs in dank basements to the fluorescent-lit halls of enterprise data centers.

Mike is a narcoleptic programmer that sells his prodigious skills to everyone from analyst firms to management software startups, while Scott, also a hustler, is leaving his sordid ways behind him and making his way up the ranks of a profitable IT consulting firm. However, the two friends move farther apart as Mike's monomaniacal vision of private cloud takes him to deeper and darker depths, while Scott's appointment as virtualization team lead catapults him into a leadership role that precludes friendship with the tortured Mike.

Punctuated by sweeping vistas of clouds rolling over scenic Idaho steppes, the film offers up a powerful commentary on the fate of revolutionary ideas in the face of power, money and the status quo. S. Andrew Kutz in particular delivers a virtuozzo performance, and we look forward to great things from him in the future.

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