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VMware at a glance: ESXi boots from USB flash drives and Microsoft-HP deal responses

This week's VMware news roundup includes IT pros booting VMware ESXi from USB flash drives, community responses to the Microsoft-HP and open source-friendly tools for vCloud.

This week's VMware at-a-glance news and analysis roundup includes IT pros booting VMware ESXi from USB flash drives, the tiny ripple that the Microsoft-HP deal made in the virtualization community and VMware announcing open source friendly tools for its vCloud initiative.

VMware pros boot ESXi off USB flash drives
IT gurus on the cutting edge of virtualization have begun deploying VMware ESXi on USB flash drives and secure digital (SD) cards, like the ones found in today's digital cameras. Even though there are some kinks that need to be worked out, there are numerous benefits to this process -- such as deployments to diskless blade servers and compartmentalizing the ESXi boot image from virtual machine images.

VMware shops take HP-Microsoft deal in stride
The news of Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard's three-year, $250 million partnership to optimize their hardware and software stacks hasn't fazed many IT shops running VMware installations on HP servers. While the Microsoft-HP deal will probably benefit small and medium-sized businesses, it will not drastically change the virtualization landscape.

VMware adds open source support for vCloud
With open source-friendly vCloud tools, VMware is making a push to have more developers adopt their vCloud application programming interfaces. The company is releasing software development kits for Java and Python, as well as and working with open source cloud projects including libcloud, jclouds and Dasein to build in support for vCloud.

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