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VMware at a glance: VMware outperforms Wall Street expectations; joins NetApp, Cisco in alliance

This week in VMware news: VMware outperforms Wall Street's earnings expectations and joins forces with NetApp Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. in a joint effort to deliver end-to-end server stacks.

This week's VMware at-a-glance news and analysis roundup includes VMware outperforming Wall Street's earnings expectations and joining NetApp and Cisco in a joint effort to deliver end-to-end server stacks.

VMware earnings strong, but profit takes a hit
VMware was the Little Engine that Could last quarter, outperforming Wall Street expectations in spite of the weak economy. Nevertheless, profit for Q4 took a major hit, falling 49% compared to the same quarter a year ago.

Multi-tenancy alliance could enable virtual data centers
VMware, NetApp Inc., and Cisco Systems Inc. are joining forces to deliver end-to-end stacks for server virtualization and cloud storage applications. The three vendors have developed, pretested and validated their respective products to make it easier for systems integrators, VARs and users to securely deploy critical applications.

Over at, senior news writer Beth Pariseau explains how the alliance has churned out an architecture that segments the network, physical server and physical storage resources to give each virtual server its own "slice" of the resource pool.

Simplifying VMware vSphere licensing and pricing
In India, VMware has made wholesale changes to its vSphere licensing model that's targeted at small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Find out how VMware plans to unburdened SMBs by adjusting prices for vSphere Essentials and vSphere Essentials Plus.

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