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VMware at a glance: a SpringSource tc Server giveaway and VMware Labs debuts

This week's VMware news roundup includes a SpringSource tc Server giveaway and the debut of VMware Labs, a site dedicated to VMware engineers and their creations.

This week's VMware at-a-glance news and analysis roundup includes a SpringSoruce tc Server giveaway to VMware customers and the launch of VMware Labs, which gives users a free sneak peek at possible VMware products.

VMware shops now eligible for free SpringSource tc Server licenses
SpringSource, VMware's recent $420 million acquisition, is giving away its new tc Server Spring Edition to VMware customers for a limited time. SpringSource's tc Server is a lightweight Apache Tomcat Java application server that provides enhanced instrumentation and monitoring capabilities. For more information on SpringSource and their new tc Server, check out this article.

VMware Labs shows off latest development projects
VMware just launched VMware Labs, a site where VMware engineers can post projects for virtualization enthusiasts to download and "have fun with." The site is reminiscent of Google Labs, the place where the search giant debuted many of their mainstream web apps. Learn more about VMware Labs and "flings" in this news story.

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