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New chips may force VMware upgrades; HyTrust, Reflex and VMware tackle password management

This week: VMware's Standard license won't be enough for users who want the latest chips; HyTrust, Reflex and VMware attempt to tackle password management; and more.

This week's VMware at-a-glance news and analysis roundup includes stories about AMD and Intel's latest processors and how they might force VMware license upgrades; Washington University's positive experience with upgraded storage; and a VMware password management buzz.

New multicore processors will create VMware licensing gotcha for some users
One of the early criticisms of vSphere's new licensing structure was that it would create a problem for vSphere Standard users when hardware vendors released chips with more than six cores. Well, Intel and AMD announced processors with eight, and up to 12, cores last week, which will force some vSphere Standard users to upgrade to Advanced or Enterprise Plus editions if they plan to run VMware on newer servers – a jump of at least $2,245 in licensing costs per processor.

VMware password management on the brain
Major virtualization security vendors HyTrust and Reflex Systems both recently announced root password-vaulting technologies, and VMware announced a deal with Likewise software that should ease VMware management by enabling ESX and ESXi hosts to become Active Directory members. But which password management method is better?

Washington University cuts VMware provisioning time, digitizes records with disk array upgrades
Upgrading out your disk storage system could improve VMware virtual machine (VM) provisioning time. Washington University's business school and libraries switched from Xiotech's Magnitude disk arrays to Emprise SANs recently and saw faster VM provisioning by about 40% to 50%, in part due to Emprise's new Intelligent Storage Element, or ISE, technology.

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