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Hijacking VMware guests; virtualizing remote offices; ROI calculators

This week's VMware news roundup includes Windows Server security flaw that grants access to VMware guests, ways to build out virtualization environments to remote offices

This week's VMware news roundup includes a Windows Server 2003 security flaw that grants unauthorized access to VMware guests, techniques for building out virtualization environments to remote offices and the benefits of a virtualization return on investment (ROI) calculator.

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Protecting a VMware environment

Google researchers out kernel bugs in Windows, Linux and VMware
Two researchers at Google uncovered security flaws in the Windows Server 2003 kernel that grants unauthorized access to VMware guests. While the Google engineers provided little details on the vulnerabilities, they explained that the kernel flaws required sophisticated measures to exploit. Regardless, they hope their work will motivate operating system developers to strengthen kernel security.

Remote offices: Virtualization's next frontier
For seasoned IT managers, virtualizing a data center is a straightforward process. But questions still linger about the best way to virtualize branch offices that lack IT staff. As a result, IT architects that specialize in VMware environments are approaching this conundrum from a variety of angles. If you plan on expanding your virtualization environment to remote offices, find out your options in this news article.

Virtualization ROI calculator helps convince management
Here's a case study about a financial services provider that experienced overcapacity issues in its data center. Using a virtualization ROI calculator, the IT department was able to convince upper management to virtualize 100% of its servers with VMware ESX. Because the virtualization ROI calculator worked so well, they are looking into a virtual desktop infrastructure for remote workers.

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