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VMware 2010 scorecard; fallout from a View 4.5 feature omission

This week's VMware news roundup includes a detailed evaluation of VMware's 2010 performance and the fallout from VMware's removal of native host profile support in View 4.5.

In this edition of VMware at a glance, we have a detailed examination of VMware. Our expert evaluates VMware in several categories and assigns "grades."

We also have articles that cover the fallout from VMware's decision to sever native profile management tools in the VMware View 4.5 beta.

A VMware 2010 report card
It's time for expert Eric Siebert's annual analysis of VMware. Last year, Siebert handed out tough grades for VMware's certification levels and competitive pricing but relatively high marks for releasing polished products and consistent naming conventions. The latest report card evaluates VMware in seven categories, including quality, certifications and future vision. Find out how VMware scored in this Virtualization Viewpoints report card.

VMware View users forced to find alternatives for profile management
Firms interested in VMware View 4.5 are forced to look for extraneous, third-party profile management tools now that VMware removed the feature from its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) product line. Profile management is a critical component of any VDI implementation. Customers and value-added resellers (VARs) were pleased that VMware included RTO's profile management utilities in a View 4.5 beta. But after it was removed because of compatibility issues with Windows 7, customers are scrambling to find a product that provides a customizable VDI experience for users.

VMware View 4.5 minus RTO equals partner snafu
Now that the profile management feature has been removed from the VMware View 4.5 beta, VARs are searching for third-party tools to meet their customers' needs. This omission leaves VARs in a predicament: Should they advise customers to purchase additional profile management software or wait for VMware's built-in solution. Third-party developers, on the other hand, can seize an opportunity to fill a void left by VMware.

VMware and Google engineers jump ship to Facebook
A vice president at VMware and a Google engineer jumped ship to the popular, social-networking website Facebook. Both new hires bring a background in virtualization and Web browsing to the Facebook staff.

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