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Users and vendors react to vSphere 4.1 update

This week's VMware news roundup includes coverage of vSphere 4.1's unveiling and reactions from users and vendors.

This edition of VMware at a glance covers user and vendor reactions to the debut of vSphere 4.1. Also: Microsoft takes on VMware's cloud vision with Windows Azure.

VMware vSphere 4.1: Special report
VMware unveiled vSphere 4.1, an update that transforms virtual servers into a cloud computing environment. VMware also migrated to a new per-VM licensing structure that affects several of its management tools. This licensing structure charges customers for the number of virtual images they run instead of their environment's processor count.

VSphere vs. Azure: The real battle
VMware's natural enemy seems to have shifted from Microsoft Hyper-V to Windows Azure. Azure is a Platform as a Service that is radically different than VMware's cloud computing vision. Microsoft made it clear that it's gunning for vSphere at its Worldwide Partner Conference.

VMware throws bone to enterprises, SMBs with vSphere 4.1
The vSphere 4.1 update targets businesses of all sizes. Large companies should benefit from new storage and network control technologies. VMware also augmented its pricing structure to attract smaller companies that are new to virtualization.

VMware vSphere 4.1 has storage vendors lining up
Numerous storage vendors will support the latest vSphere point release. Most storage providers will use VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration, which offloads certain workloads to the storage infrastructure. For a list of vSphere 4.1 storage vendors, check out this article.

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