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VMware's new pricing model: The debate rages on

This news roundup outlines the debate concerning VMware's new licensing-and-pricing model. There is also news of VMware's second quarter earnings and VMware's affect in India.

This edition of VMware at a glance examines VMware's new licensing and pricing models, the company's second quarter earnings and more.

VMware users debate per-VM licensing
VMware's switch to per-VM licensing has users questioning the new pricing structure's potential cost savings. VMware contends that the per-VM pricing scheme provides customers more flexibility. Some users, on the other hand, are concerned that the ease of provisioning new VMs will cause their costs to spiral out of control.

VMware posts strong second quarter results
VMware increased its bottom line in the second quarter of 2010. Last quarter, net profit rose to $75 million, up from $33 million at the same point in 2009.

Are VMware virtualization certifications of practical use to you?
The use of server virtualization has exploded in India. As a result, Indian companies are looking for trained VMware experts to oversee virtual environments. Our sister site,, explains how VMware certifications can help you stand out from the IT pack.

Ansys India's VMware ESX cluster formula for server consolidation
Many companies turn to VMware to reduce costs, but there are other, compelling reasons to virtualize servers. This case study outlines why Ansys India deployed ESX. The reasons may surprise you.

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