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VMware's complicated relationships with server OEMs

This week's news roundup includes VMware's complex relationships with server OEMs and VMware's use of VARs to make headway into the SMB market.

This news roundup details VMware's complex relationships with server OEMs. Additionally, there is news of VMware recruiting resellers to make headway into the small to medium-size business (SMB) market as well as the effects of VMware's removal of profile management from View 4.5.

VMware and server OEMs: Frenemies forever?
There is an inherent tension between VMware and server OEMs because virtualization marginalizes server hardware. Complicating matters is that VMware is owned by the hardware vendor EMC. Despite these powder keg situations, VMware has been able to maintain and create new vendor relationships.

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VMware hits powerful headwinds in effort to diversify
VMware support still lacking among traditional SMB VARs
VMware's recent price reductions have made its virtualization technologies more appealing to SMBs. But to gain traction in this market segment, VMware must enlist the help of value-added resellers (VARs). Microsoft, on the other hand, has given VARs a lucrative incentive to sell Hyper-V configurations.

VMware seeks to bounce back from View 4.5 fumble
VMware's removal of profile management capabilities from the View 4.5 beta perplexed users and resellers --- many of whom consider it an essential piece of a virtual desktop infrastructure. VMware contends that users can fill the profile management void with third-party products. Ultimately, though, this decision may be costly for VMware because Citrix offers native profile management tools in XenDesktop.

VMware launches Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance
VMware released Zimbra Collaboration Suite, an email and collaboration virtual appliance. It's designed for VMware vSphere with the goal of reducing virtual environment complexity.

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