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VMware users clamor for a Cisco 1000V alternative

This week's news roundup features articles about how VMware users want more virtual switch options and how VMware's future success is tied to cloud computing.

This week's VMware at-a-glance news roundup features an article about Cisco System's vice grip on virtual switch technologies for VMware environments and how users would like more options. We also have a story about VMware's cloud computing strategy and how its future is tied to these efforts. Additionally, there were new products launched for VMware's virtualization platforms.

VMware users yearn for Cisco 1000V competition
VMware is expanding its technology portfolio with the likes of new cloud computing APIs and virtual firewalls with routing capabilities. But users long for an alternative to Cisco System's Nexus 1000V. Cisco's proprietary and costly virtual switch is a necessary evil for many data centers, and many systems administrators would like more virtual switch options for VMware environments.

VMware's fortunes hinge on cloud strategy success
VMware recognizes that its future is dependent on the cloud. VMware's recent acquisitions and partnerships have been strategic moves to bolster its cloud computing platforms. Unlike the server virtualization market, however, cloud computing is rife with competition, and VMware is looking at an uphill climb.

Actifio launches disaster recovery appliances
Actifio released disaster recovery and data management appliances for server virtualization environments. The new Actifio products are designed to combine data deduplication and compression to help data replication. More specifically, Actifio's disaster recovery appliance reduces the bandwidth necessary for VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Symantec, VMware team up for virtualization high availability
In a joint partnership with VMware, Symantec launched ApplicationHA and VirtualStore. Both products promise high availability in virtual environments for applications such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange and SQL.

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