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VMworld 2010 diary: Monday

Eric Siebert discusses his VMworld 2010 sessions on affordable home labs and how virtualization works in the Monday edition of his VMworld 2010 diary.

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On Monday at VMworld 2010, I spoke at two sessions: one with Simon Seagrave and Simon Gallagher on building affordable home labs, and another was a deep dive on how things work in virtualization.

The turnout for the home lab session was pretty good, and the deep-dive session was very popular and filled up quickly. It was hard to fit everything into the one-hour time limit, and I ended up going to the last minute with both sessions. It was good to get the speaking duties out of the way early (although I had to repeat the deep-dive session on Wednesday morning).

Afterwards, I hung out in the bloggers lounge for a bit and then headed to the Solutions Exchange, one of the best parts of VMworld. It houses all the vendors under one roof, and each vendor has its best people available.

If you can get past all the giveaways, gimmicks and glitz, you can learn a lot about the showcased products and find new ones that might benefit your virtual environment. I always like wandering around and learning how familiar products are maturing -- and discovering products that I don't know anything about. With so many products on display, it's hard to take it all in. But the Solutions Exchange demonstrates the immense size of VMware's vendor ecosystem.

Later that night, it was off to B Bar in the Yerba Buena Gardens for my annual tweet-up, which was sponsored by Xangati and TrainSignal. I really enjoy these events, because I get to meet the people that I interact with on Twitter. I limited the RSVPs to 200, which was the bar capacity, and we had a great turnout. It's always fun to talk face to face, and I think I shook more hands at this VMworld than ever before.

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