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Two VMware cloud partnerships reemerge: News in review

VMware's cloud partnerships with and Google will be in the spotlight at its upcoming SpringSource developer conference, SpringOne 2GX.

VCloud Director stole the show at VMworld 2010, but it's two VMware cloud partnerships that will take center stage at SpringOne 2GX, the annual SpringSource developer conference.

Both Google and will host workshops on how to build cloud applications using VMware's Spring platform. will focus on how to launch Spring applications on VMforce, a joint venture with VMware announced in April. And Google will cover how to optimize Java applications for Google App Engine for Business.

VMforce is a Platform as a Service that will run Java-based, "Cloud 2" applications that have social, mobile and collaborative elements. Providing the application-delivery muscle behind VMforce will be the platform.

VMforce is targeted at Software as a Service and Web services developers that are already familiar with the Java programming language. VMware and say it will offer on-demand scalability without the resource constraints of an in-house data center.

Shortly after the VMforce announcement, Google revealed plans to support Spring-based applications on Google App Engine for Business. The Google-VMware collaboration provides another cloud publishing avenue for Java developers and businesses.

The SpringOne 2GX summit will be in Chicago from Oct. 19-22.

New VMware toolkits for resellers VMware announced new Solution Enablement Toolkits for channel partners this week. Resellers can use the toolkits -- which include tools, templates and other resources -- to create specialized products around VMware technologies.

The toolkits are tailored to three data center verticals: infrastructure virtualization, desktop virtualization and business continuity. The resources are also designed to help channel partners more easily virtualize tier 1 applications, such as Oracle databases, SQL Server and Exchange Server, for customers. The toolkits are free for channel partners that complete the VMware Solution Competencies course.

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