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Five popular VMware Flings to make your job easier


Free tools for the busy vSphere administrator

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As a vSphere administrator, you know there's plenty of room for another tool in the troubleshooting utility belt. There's always a need for some kind of niche utility to handle an obscure task, measure performance, or give more visibility into the infrastructure.

The engineers at VMware have been providing Flings via the VMware Labs site for the past several years. These VMware Flings are experimental -- and free -- tools that anyone can download. If you do a little digging, you may come across an application that can help unclog a technical jam with the added benefit of no dent to your budget.

While Flings are not supported by VMware, some have been popular enough to get integrated into official VMware products.

If you're having trouble with a particular Fling, be sure to read the comments section. There may be some quirks or questions that a VMware employee has addressed.

Without further ado, here are some of the more popular -- and recent – VMware Flings.

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Which VMware Flings do you find most useful?
I'm especially fond of the VMware OS Optimization Tool - it's not something that we need to run every day, but we've seen a measurable increase in performance on our machines when disabling unnecessary features. Anything that improves performance this way is fine by me.

I've also found the occasional use for WebCommander, Horizon Toolbox, and Guest Reclaim. Of course, we all have our own needs, so don't rely on my experience with any VMware fling.