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The top 10 PowerCLI scripts for vSphere administrators


Get updates on data center health through vCheck

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If you are looking for a report that can tell you anything and everything about your virtual data center, then vCheck is definitely the PowerCLI script for you.

Alan Renouf developed vCheck, an HTML framework script, to give administrators a daily email containing any possible issues or inconsistencies within the environment. Since its first release, vCheck, now almost as old as PowerCLI, has evolved into much more. For example, vCheck can report on such things as VMs that have been restarted by high availability, orphaned snapshots, vSwitch port utilization, and the general capacity information based on the CPU and memory usage of the VM.

Renouf's vCheck has also been redeveloped over the years to support a plug-in-type architecture. It now includes more than 100 configurable plug-ins to extend vCheck's reporting capabilities to more than just vSphere by integrating products such as Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Data Protection to name a few.

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check out vSOM, VROI, VR Ops? these products most often solves most of these problems on a predictive basis. Many times there's no need for scripting, but I understand that people need their fun





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