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From VMware virtualization novice to VCDX in five years

Rene Van Den Bedem has been working in Saudi Arabia for the last five years and talks about the technical, personnel and personal challenges he has faced.

Using VMware virtualization products to achieve maximum hardware utilization has been one way many businesses have been able to lower costs and speed along initiatives through automation. But as surprising as it may seem, this trend still hasn't taken hold in many places around the globe.

Rene Van Den Bedem, chief architect at Saudi Telecom Company, has been working in the IT and telecommunications industry for more than 20 years. He achieved his VMware Certified Design Expert certification earlier this year and is a prolific blogger, but not too long ago he thought virtualization was "black magic."

Listen in as I speak with Rene about his experiences with ushering in a virtualization project in an area where technical experts are difficult to come by and what he'd like to see coming from VMware next.

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