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Are you up to speed on VMware EUC technology?

Even if you have end-user computing experience, changes to VMware EUC technologies affect how you work. Test your knowledge of the developments.

VMware always had a foot in the end-user computing market with its View virtual desktop infrastructure platform, but the vendor significantly changed its strategy when it made Horizon Suite the focal point of VMware EUC technologies.

End users are invading enterprise IT with battalions of smartphones, social networks and cloud services. Managing applications and data across such diverse end-user computing platforms requires a specific set of tools.

Ultimately, VMware hopes Horizon Suite will provide admins all-in-one EUC management, and employees a single IT-controlled point of entry to access their desktops, applications and data on any device.

VMware products you may have been familiar with now have different names, and many now come as bundles with other products. Think you've got a handle on the evolving VMware EUC portfolio? Take this quiz and see how you fare.

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