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Feeling lucky? Take our VMware vSAN quiz

It uses a familiar acronym, but VMware vSAN differs from a vSAN in a few ways. See how well you know the latest offering from the virtualization company.

VMware Virtual SAN, introduced as a beta product in vSphere 5.5, ushers in another component to the virtualization company's push to deliver the software-defined data center.

While not yet recommended for production environments, VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) is included in the latest vSphere hypervisor and gives virtualization administrators an attractive software-defined storage resource by pooling disk space from local servers and presenting it as a cluster. By using solid-state drives (SSDs) as a cache to boost virtual machine (VM) performance while hard disk drives (HDDs) handle the basic storage needs, vSAN could allow businesses to use existing hardware to implement a high-performance virtual storage environment.

How well do you know one of VMware's latest releases? Take our quiz to find out.

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