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How well do you know VMware's type-2 hypervisors?

VMware offers three hypervisors that run on top of your existing operating system. Do you know the differences between them?

As most administrators know, a type-2 hypervisor runs on top of the operating system, just like any other computer program. But not all desktop hypervisors are created equal.

VMware offers Workstation, Player and Fusion and all three are best suited for different situations. Some environments need more advanced features for testing and development purposes, while other IT shops may have less demanding requirements.

Are you in the know when it comes to the type-2 hypervisors from VMware? Take our quiz below to test your aptitude.

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What does your IT shop use a type-2 hypervisor for?
There must be an error on this quiz because it took me to someone else's answers. It never actually let me take the quiz. Just opened up to this page. Might want to check the code. :/