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Pop quiz on VMware EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK

VMware announced its hyper-converged infrastructure offerings at VMworld 2014, so how much do you know about EVO:RAIL and its bigger sibling, EVO:RACK?

One announcement from VMworld 2014 that still has people talking is VMware's EVO:RAIL. The company's new hyper-converged infrastructure offering continues to create a buzz, especially with new hardware partners announced at VMworld 2014 Europe.

VMware plans to release a second offering in the family of VMware EVO products called EVO:RACK, which is currently in technical preview. EVO:RACK is expected to be available in the first half of 2015.

With all of the buzz going around, how much do you know about EVO:RAIL and EVO:RACK? These questions will test your knowledge of VMware's hyper-converged infrastructure offering.

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