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VMware Site Recovery Manager: How much do you know?

This VMware Site Recovery Manager quiz will either humble you or boost your ego. Test your knowledge of VMware’s disaster recovery product.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager simplifies disaster recovery through automation. It centralizes disaster-recovery operations, automates failovers and tests recovery plans without disrupting production environments.

Our Virtualization School on VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) covers best practices, customizing recovery plans with PowerCLI, SRM resignaturing and future Site Recover Manager features. Armed with this knowledge, you should pass this quiz with flying colors.

VMware Site Recovery Manager quiz

1. Which of the following is a VMware Site Recovery Manager requirement?
2. Which one of the following storage protocols does VMware Site Recovery Manager support?
3. True or false? VMware Site Recovery Manager will feature host-based replication with the release of vSphere 5.
4. True or false? VMware Site Recovery Manager performs automatic Virtual Machine File System resignaturing.
5. Which of the following cannot control VMware Site Recovery Manager?
6. True or false? Testing SRM recovery plans disrupts production environments.
7. True or false? VMware Site Recovery Manager performs automated failback after a disaster.
8. Which of the following occurs during an SRM failover?

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