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Alternative methods of resizing virtual disks

Two new methods of resizing virtual disks have come to my attention.

Two new methods of resizing virtual disks have come to my attention. My guides talk about either using Ghost or...

Partition Magic/Volume Manager. There are free methods you might wish to consider.

The first is documented at and uses multiple VMs and MS diskpart tools, which are available inherently in Windows 2003 and from the Resource Kit in Windows 2000. It’s a bit of a “clunky” method, but it does work.

Dominic’s site is also good for those wishing to study for the VCP exam.

Another method is using a boot linux CD ( is a good place to start looking for ISO’s) and free linux tools called qparted ( ). I’m looking into this method, as it seems to be a direct, free equivalent of Partition Magic/Volume Manager. I will let you know how to set it up and get started as soon as I’ve figured it out!

This was last published in August 2005

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