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BETA: ESX 3.0 Accessing USB hard-drives

How to access USB hard-drives in ESX 3.0.

As from ESX 3.0 the drivers required to access an external USB hard-drive are not loaded by /etc/modules.conf. This was probably done to stop a benign error happening on boot-up. Never fear, you can still load up drivers appropriate to your system manually. Use:

lspci -v | grep HCI

To list what type of USB host controller interface you have. There are 3 types

HCI Type Kernel Module
ohci usb-ohci
ehci ehci-hcd

Based on the results of lspci -v | grep HCI you then load up the appropriate module (driver) with

modprobe usb-ochi or modprobe usb-uhci or modprobe ehci

You might find these links useful, I did:


This was last published in April 2006

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