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Cisco and UCS

Here, Cisco answers some of the obvious questions that UCS flags up.

This I really like. Cisco has been watching the blogsphere, and is actively seeking to engage the online community and facilitate an industry discussion about the future shape of the datacenter. As you probably don’t know, Cisco has entered the blade market, but UCS is much more than “just another blade with the word virtualization” tagged to it. It’s also an example of revolution in networking & storage, with convergence of networking, so you have one network for storage and regular network traffic. This substantially reduces the complexity and density of cabling. But it's much more than that. Rather than 1 management system per blade, as so many of the older OEM provide, you have a single console to manage many enclosures as a single entity. That console includes a view of the blades, the LAN and storage network, and additionally the things called “server profiles” which are analogies to vSphere4's new “host profiles”. A drag & drop configuration tool.

Anyway, check out the Cisco Video here where Wendy Mars of Cisco answers some of the obvious questions that UCS flags up.

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