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Dominic Rivera releases VMkernel error decoder

A description of Dominic Rivera's VMkernel error decoder.

Dominic is the guy behind If you have not visited his site it's worth the visit. He has some sample VCP exam questions and some useful scripts              
Grok the /proc directory for information about your network cards. Verified to work with both broadcom and intel nics.               
Print out each disk that is in use by a registered vm, and list the disk state.              
Scan the disks of your registered VMs, and it will interactively prompt you to commit any REDO logs.           
It will interactively let you select a VM and a disk and add a redo log to the specified disk. (beta):   
Swiss army knife of a script for backups, power operations, adding/committing redo logs etc.

New to Dominic’s site is the VMkernel Error Decoder. This decoder can take either decimal or hexidecimal error codes in the format of 0x0bad0000. There errors can appear in /var/log/vmkwarning, /var/log/vmkernel and sometimes in the vmware.log of a specific vmware virtual machine

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