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ESX4i, VMware, VM Drag and Drop - What I learned today

Carrying on with my theme of reporting the new stuff I learn each day. Here’s what I learned in the last couple of hours.

I'm carrying on with my theme of reporting the new stuff I learn each day. Here’s what I learned in the last couple of hours.

ESX4i doesn’t have Web-Access:

Not that this really matters too much, but ESX4i doesn’t have web-access front end – where you can do VM Management – but ESX4 does. To be honest if you're using this functionality, it's best delivered from the vCenter web-pages because, well, it's Active Directory “aware” in the first place. Interestingly, in the place of the link for the web-access page, VMware has put download links to the vSphere Remote Command Line.

Roles and Help from VMware:

Normally, if I create a new role, I use an existing sample, clone it and then modify it from that clone. In fact I’ve never ever create a new role from scratch. In vSphere4 if you create a new role and select a couple of privileges the system will offer suggestions of additional privileges that will be probably required for the whole task to be completed. Personally, I will be sticking with my cloning method – but it is nice to know. What I would like to see VMware do is take this idea a step futher and make some kind of “delegation wizard” (I’m borrowing a term for Microsoft AD) to guide people through the steps of some of the main permissions tasks – something that would really, really benefit VMware SRM customers!

Standard & Distributed Portgroups – Drag & Drop:

Say you want to move a whole bunch of VMs from portgroup to another – well in the past you would have edit each VM (tedious) or used some whizzy bit of PowerShell like this:

get-vm | get-networkadapter | sort-object -property “NetworkName” | where {‘VLAN10′ -contains $_.NetworkName} | Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkName ‘VLAN11′

I still like that. But what I learned today is, if you're using vCenter4, you can use the “Network View” drag-and-drop to move many VMs to their correct portgroup. You can also do a similar kind of task using the “migrate” wizard from the DvSwitch.

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