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Getting Started with VMware View3

Getting Started with VMware View3

Well, OK – I guess now that View4 has been released you could say this is a little old hat. But… much I what I write about in View3 is much the same in View4! Honestly! Someday I plan to revisit this series of articles probably when VMware 4.5 is released… By then VMware will have their PCoIP protocol working with the Security Server, and much better integration with ThinApp.

This was originally wrote for the vSphere4 book that recently became available on Amazon. But it never made the book because of length of the whole book, and difficulty of finding a good home for a chapter VDI. 

Part 1: What’s new with VDI? 
Part 2: Installing VMware View
Part 3: Publishing individual virtual desktops
Part 4: Publishing virtual desktop pools
Part 5: Basics of VMware Composer and linked clones
Part 6: Managing linked cloned desktop pools
Part 7: Using a Virtual Desktop offline
Part 8: Desktop restrictions with group policy objects
Part 9: Installing Connection and Security servers
Part 10: Creating and applying certificates
Part 11: Application virtualization

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