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How to fix broken icons in VMware Fusion 3

Quickly describes how to fix broken icons in VMware Fusion 3.

Note: I would like to credit community forum member (and fellow vExpert) WoodyZ for this solution – he answered...

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I thought I would write this experience up as this is the second or third time in my first year of using VMware Fusion. Basically, what can happen is in Unity mode the icons become “generic”

Although you can’t tell – one of these icons is the vSphere4 client and the other is the Windows version of Firefox (Yes, I know there’s a mac version, and use that as well. I need the Windows one for a vendor specific plug-in that only works on Firefox for Windows).

It’s not really clear what causes this – but there’s some kind of icon cache that gets balls-ed up. You can delete this icon cache, and then everything will be right as rain again. Here’s how:

  1. Shutdown your Fusion VMs (Don’t suspend, do a graceful shutdown)
  2. Shutdown Fusion
  3. In Finder, browse to \Documents\Virtual Machines\
  4. Right-click your virtual machine “package” and select “Show Package” contents
  5. Delete the “Applications” and “appListCache” folders.
  6. Close all the Finder windows.
  7. Power on your VM
  8. Login to your VM and enter Unity mode
  9. When you click at the offending icons, they will be refreshed and return to something recognizable


This was last published in November 2010

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