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Managing SSL Certificates in View 5.0

In VMware View 5.0 the screws have been tightened light bit more with regards to View Client and SSL certificates.

You might not know this but in VMware View 5.0 the screws have been tightened a little bit more with regards to...

View Client and SSL certificates. Up until this point you could get away with using the built-in certificates generated by the installer. That’s no longer the case because, just as with web-browsers, the new clients all check to see if the certificate matches the name that they're connecting with and whether or not the certificate is trusted.

Users can find these sort of pop-ups alarming, and you can guarantee a certain proportion of them will end up at the feet of the help desk people. In this article on techtarget’s site I take you though the process of requesting, importing and configuring SSL certificates for View 5.0.

This was last published in January 2012

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