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Managing the UDA 1.4 menu

How to modify and manage specific aspects of the UDA 1.4 menu.

If you have been using the UDA for a while, then you will know that as you create templates it automagically builds the menu that operator uses after pressing F12. Occasionally, you will want to modify this menu because you have added a new template to the list.  You may have forgotten to set a good or consistent description or you may have made a typo. Currently, the UDA 1.4 has no interface to editing the menu, so unfortunately you have to do this by hand. That said, its a very simple process.

There are two ways to change the menu: one way is a quick and dirty method where you merely edit the text in /var/public/tftproot/messages.txt file. The downside is that every time you add a new template to the UDA and press save, this file is over-written. The true source of the menu information created at the PXE boot is actually held in /var/public/conf/templates.conf. You can edit this file to permanently change both the view in the UDA’s Templates page and the menu viewed by the UDA operator. Once you have corrected your entries, restart the UDA’s web service with service httpd restart.

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