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Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 - First look review

review of Hyper-V R2

I’ve been reading the’s review of Hyper-V R2. A couple of things stand out. Microsoft frequently likes to make reference to the VMware TAX, much in the same breath as they talk about the Apple TAX. Despite the fact that Hyper-V can be managed with free tools, the concludes that:

“most customers would want to buy some additional software to get the most benefit from Hyper-V and to make managing Hyper-V servers as easy as possible.”

This seems to suggest the free tools aren’t really up to the job. That really means having to get Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, which requires a Windows 2008 license. The current version of VMM2008 does NOT support all the new features of Hyper-V R2, and you will have to wait a further 90-days for a version of VMM2008 which is compatible with R2.

To support the new “Live Migrate” feature requires the use of Microsoft Clustered Shared Volumes software which can be configured during the text-mode setup of Hyper-V. e Live Migrate can be combined with the “Performance and Resource Optimization” (PRO) tools from MS and other vendors – which is an attempt to ape DRS style functionality. However, PRO requires the Operations Manager agents to be installed on Hyper-V and virtual machines. Pro also allows for policies to be setup to restart VMs.

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