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Microsoft finally join the real world by recognising VMware

Microsoft finally join the real world by recognising VMware…

This one feels odd. THE platform for running Windows is VMware, and Microsoft now recognise this fact that’s been true since about 2003/4. Anyway, the fact that VMware was the first company to be enrolled to the Windows Server Catalog SVVP. I guess for me this good – because I now have new story to give my students who ask “Does Microsoft support Windows on VMware”. The answer has always been YES, by the way. Just not very good “best efforts” and “reproduce you problem on physical hardware”. I always thought that was a funny one – generally if I can reproduce a problem, that generally means I usually understand it well enough to fix it! Anyway, I would like to welcome Microsoft to modern world.

Microsoft finally have dropped the patently dumb licensing restrictions about not being able to move a SQL VM from one physical host to another with in 90-day period. Of course, they had no idea we were doing it, and everyone just ignored the restriction. So it’s kind of like repealing a bad law that could never be enforced by the police.

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