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Microsoft to do what VMware does nearly 10 years later

Microsoft to do what VMware does nearly 10 years later…

OK. You know me that’s a deliberate dig at your friend and mine Microsoft. A couple of weeks ago I saw Microsoft and some less savvy blogs were bleating on about the fact that WHEN we get HyperV R2 it will then FINALLY support “Live Migrate”. How does “Quick Migrate” differ from a “Live Migrate”. Well, a live migrate like VMotion, moves VMs whilst powered on – without disconnecting users, whereas a quick migrate moves the VM whilst it is powered on – whilst totally pissing off your users. That is to say, they get disconnected. That is to say to move 10 VMs with HyperV means 10 maintenance windows claimed BUT if you do it with VMware its 0. 

When I explain VMotion to my students I say to them: “VMotion is the moving of a VM from one ESX to another AND whilst users a connected”. The important part of this sentence is the part that comes after the word "and"! 

Anyway, already the MS FUD machine is gearing up to promote even more software that isn’t available until 2010. That’s when R2 is slated to be release. And I tell you won't – a bet that’s Dec 31st, 2010 – knowing Microsoft.  The fact is that VMware has been doing VMotion reliably, consistently, from day-1 since ESX 2.x.x. That puts VMware nearly 8 years ahead of Microsoft. My friend, you and I know that 8 years in IT is like another period in the history of dinosaurs. With any luck I will have won the Lottery by then, and won’t give too hoots about computers anymore. :-)

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