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Mike’s Predictions for 2009

Mike’s Predictions for 2009

I see a number of blogs are indulging in that annual game of predicting the future for the next year. I thought I join that band wagon too, in a slight tongue in cheek way. You know the kind of predicting the future where your told – that its the same **** as last year!

  • Some shares will go up and some shares will go down. Depending on which ones you buy would make/lose loads of money. Stocks will go up when Obama is sworn in, and then go down again.
  • More of my money will be give to people who lend badly, in order to convince them to start lending all over again. I will wonder if I will ever see that money again, and wait for when my taxes go up.
  • I will meet some people who have never heard of virtualization before – and then wonder what planet they have been living on for the last couple of years
  • I will buy some some VMware stock with my royalties from the SRM book, in the hope that they have reached their bottom. At their lowest they were $18, and they have since risen to £24 and stayed there
  • There will be a never version of ESX/vCenter sometime in the middle of the year. It might be called vSphere, vBox, vImportant or something like that
  • There will be lots of blog posts about “clouds” – and the word “cloud” means. Perhaps the vCloud will run on top of the vSphere in a vDataCenter somewhere
  • The will be new book about this new vSphere/vCloud/vi4 and it will be released as an authors edition hopefully on the day of the General Availability. It will be written by me!

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