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More ESX 3.0.2 Upgrade Issues

Reader Rick of has emailed his experiences of upgrading to ESX 3.0.2

RTFM Education reader Rick of has emailed me with his experiences of upgrading to ESX 3.0.2 which will be of particular interest to my US readers. The problem concerns the recent DST patch to address changes to Daylight Savings in the United States.

Here’s what Rick found:

“Make sure your /etc/sysconfig/clock file is correctly set before the upgrade. Our /etc/localtime was correct after the DST patch for the US this year. We have 15 ESX hosts and all their times were sync’ed and happy. We performed the upgrade on all the servers (staggered over several days), and I just noticed today that 3 of them were reporting Pacific time or GMT-14 as opposed to the rest properly reporting Eastern time. Their /etc/sysconfig/clock files were wrong for some reason. During the 3.0.2 upgrade, it overwrites your /etc/localtime file and it picks a new one based on your /etc/sysconfig/clock file. So even if your /etc/localtime file was correct, this can be (and was for us) a gotcha if your /etc/sysconfig/clock file is wrong.

Several instructions on the web and forums talk about applying the DST patch and some mention to set /etc/sysconfig/clock and others do not.”

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