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More ESX 3.0.2 and VC 2.0.2 Upgrade Issues

Updates to the informal upgrade guide.

Thomas MacKay of VMware contacted me recently about my informal upgrade guide. Thomas is the Senior Systems Engineer for Strategic Accounts and wanted to draw my attention to some other popular upgrade errors that are well-known about but I hadn’t personally experienced. Additionally, he was kind enough to explain that the disconnects I had of my ESX hosts after the VC upgrade were probably caused by the VC Agent also needing an upgrade on each of the ESX hosts.

Anyway, Thomas wants to add these errors as well:

Add Host Operation Fails When /tmp/vmware-root Directory is Missing in the ESX Server 3.0.x Host 
VirtualCenter Agent fails to upgrade on the host that is missing the /tmp/vmware-root directory. To avoid this issue, ensure the /tmp/vmware-root directory exists in the ESX Server 3.0.x host before you install VirtualCenter 2.0.2 upgrade.

See KB 4478241 for complete details. 

Clean Installation of VC 2.0.2 rather than upgrade causes problems
If a fresh installation of VirtualCenter 2.0.2 was performed and not upgraded from a previous release, but pointed to a database created by a previous VirtualCenter release, VirtualCenter will fail to start after installation completes. Under these conditions, the database is not upgraded during the installation process. The logs may show the following errors:

Sequence VPX_INVENTORY_SEQ is not defined on the database
Failed to initialize VMware VirtualCenter. Shutting down…

See KB 1001680

When you upgrade from VirtualCenter 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 using the ISO image, the following message might appear in an alert dialog box

Please insert the Disk: 1. If you click OK, the message reappears. If you click Cancel, the installation rolls back to where the upgrade fails. To successfully upgrade to VirtualCenter 2.0.2 using the ISO/CD-ROM, please run VirtualCenter-preISOConfig.exe (located below) before attempting or re-attempting the upgrade.

Note: This file should be run as a user with administrative privileges.

See KB 1001900

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