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New survey finds virtualization is for everyone

David Marshall on his has an interesting report on virtualization adoption. Virtualization is for everyone!

David Marshall on his has an interesting report on virtualization adoption.

I find this survey/study interesting. Because there does seem to be mistaken assumption that virtualization isn’t for small/medium size business – coupled with a mistaken notion that somehow virtualization and VMware Products especially represents some premium-race-horse-class system that’s only for the top100/0/00 fortune companies. That’s far from the truth.

Here’s an idea. Download for FREE VMware’s ESX3i product and install to server on the HCL with plenty of RAM and CPU. Next install Microsoft SBS product to the VM. A week/month/quarter the small biz, say hey we need a small Terminal Services/VDI deployment – OK, no need to buy more physical, just create more virtual. Next week/month/quarter the same small biz says, hey we want Blackberry and need a Blackberry RIM server – no problem say – another VM is on its way… After a while they begin to see how much they have invested in this one physical box. No worries, lets get some cheap NAS solution in and another ESX box – and think about VMware HA. Sounds like a big leap up – not if you look at the Foundation Acceleration Pack….

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